St. James School’s weekly class focuses on careers, college, and high school.


St. James School is building students’ self-esteem so they know they can and will succeed at excellent high schools. We are building confidence now in order to open doors later.


Our teachers work tirelessly to instill in our students the knowledge to fulfill their daily student pledge… “I will excel in high school and my career.”


Whether it is workplace etiquette, scholarship applications, or interview workshops, students are equipped with the tools to become self-advocates. They recognize only truly independent students will succeed outside the gates of St. James School.


St. James School students are becoming leaders at school, home and in their community. By leading service projects, participating in Urban Blazers, or mediating a conflict with underclassmen, our students learn what leadership looks like in all its forms.


Academic rigor sets us apart. Before the dance recitals, after-school clubs, and basketball clinics, learning is the first priority at St. James School.


Each and every skill learned, practiced, and fine tuned is steering our students toward success.

High School Placement



Beginning in 5th grade all students start preparing for life after St. James School. The High School Placement program teaches a weekly SKILLS class (Self-Esteem, Knowledge, Independence, Leadership, Learning, Success) focused on careers, college, and high school. The curriculum includes etiquette (from handshakes to  communicating by phone/email to interview skills), SSAT and ISEE test preparation, self advocacy, high school and college research projects, and so much more. SKILLS  is also an opportunity to host guest speakers from a variety of careers, colleges, and local high schools.


The high school application process in the city of Philadelphia is more complicated today than applying to college. In order to make this experience less daunting, the High School Placement department meets with each St. James School family one-on-one for an honest discussion about the options for each student. Families also attend the annual High School Placement Family Information Night to receive a “Getting Ready for High School” guide book and listen to presentations from three high school directors of admission.


Each week the High School Placement department is on the road visiting high schools and networking with those who can help our students attend and succeed in the best high schools in and around Philadelphia. Spending time at high schools allows us to see how we need to prepare our students and which students might fit in well at a given school.


More about the St. James School High School Placement program:

  • Every St. James School student visits at least one high school each year for a shadow day or campus tour
  • Individual weekly check-in meetings with students
  • Interview workshops for 7th and 8th grades
  • College tours/shadow days for students who are interested
  • Transportation for students and families to local high school open houses
  • Weekly “High School or College of the Week” presented during Morning Meetings
  • Family financial aid workshops