Episcopal Academy Middle School Service Day

St. James School was the beneficiary of an Episcopal Academy Service Day. Seventh grade middle school students were accompanied by Rev. Bert Zug, Middle School Chaplin. The day started with a presentation by Dave Kasievich about the mission and vision of the school. The task of the da

First Annual St. James School Easter Egg Hunt

As the rains finally subsided, and the dark, dreary skies gave way, the first annual St. James School Easter Egg Hunt was under way. With over 55 children, neighborhood volunteers, and St. James School regulars in attendance, the hunt was on for hidden gems throughout the cemetery of

Young Group from Lothian, MD Visits

  Students and youth group leaders from St. James Church in Lothian, MD, arrived at St. James School prepared for a weekend of service, prayer and fellowship. The spirited group of young people took on the challenge of painting, organizing basement work rooms and pulling up carpe

Young Friends Rehab Computer Lab

The Young Friends of St. James School continued their work in preparing an old storage room for a future computer lab. Young Friends Matt Pailer, Paul Quinones, Michael Pingitore, Greta Baith and Al Cassidy gathered on Saturday, April 9 ready for work. In addition to working on the co

Two Parishioners from St. David’s Radnor Announce Book Drive

Parishioners Marge and Tom Devlin couldn’t believe their ears when Executive Director Dave Kasievich announced at their parish that a school was scheduled to open on the grounds of the Church of St. James the Less. Marge Devlin has many relatives buried in our cemetery and was t

Episcopal Academy Teacher to Run for School

Mr. Tim Gavin, Region Teacher at Episcopal Academy and avid runner, has a mission. On sabbatical this year, he has registered to run 100K on June 18th. For those of us not completely brushed up on the metric system, that’s a whopping 62+ miles! And the worst of it is that the ru