Tim Gavin’s Run Makes the Mainline Media News

  Episcopal Academy teacher and girls’ cross-country coach Tim Gavin recently attempted the 100K Mason-Dixon Longest Day Challenge, and while he fell short of the finish line, his perseverance resulted in more than $4,000 in pledges for his goal – the St. James School

ECHOES Closer to Home

The Devon-based charity ECHOES Around the World presented a $12,000 check to St. James School, an independent Philadelphia middle school for underserved children of all faiths due to open in the fall. The check will pay for a van to transport children. ECHOES has supported schools and

St. John’s Church (Glen Mills) Service Day

The Rev. Dr. Michael Giansiracusa, Associate Rector of St. John’s Church, Glen Mills, PA, accompanied parishioners to Allegheny West for an introductory presentation about the work at St. James. In addition, the group provided a helping hand with preparing our campus for the upcoming

Year-End Barbecue Marks Several Successes

As the After School program at St. James came to an Thursday, June 16, 2011, what came with it was nothing short of a happy ending. It began as a simple test of the kind of school parents, kids and supporters of St. James School might expect. With the support and interest of not only