Thanksgiving Feast

The first annual Thanksgiving feast was held for students and their families. Setting up a lovely dining area in the school’s gym, the evening’s success was accomplished through the communal efforts of everyone at the table. Each parent and staff member brought a covered d

Hiking the Wissahickon

Wissahickon Valley Park Trail (Forbidden Drive) follows the creek of the same name through the entire length of the most Northern part of Fairmount Park. The ominous sounding Forbidden Drive was so named because in the 1920s cars were banned from it. Today, it’s open to pedestri

Board Member Completes IronMan Florida for Students

Bradley Garfield, Board Member and St. Mark’s Church parishioner, completed IronMan Florida in support of the students at St. James School. Brad swam 2.4 miles, and then biked 112 miles and THEN ran a 26.2 mile marathon in 12 hours and 18 minutes! St. James School Students had the opp

The Fairmount Chamber Ensemble Performs

The St. James School Community enjoyed a special music concert hosted by St. James music teacher Beth Dzwil and her ensemble, The Fairmount Chamber Ensemble. Formed in 1994, the Ensemble responded was founded to respond to requests for a larger ensemble to accompany choirs. Since then

Kimmel Center Visit

The students of St. James School were treated to a special field trip with music teacher Ms. Beth Dzwil. The students have been brushing up their knowledge of the orchestra, and had a chance to put their learning to the test. They joined several other area schools for a special presen