Art Classes

The students at St. James School learned about ancient mummies and hieroglyphics. For their art classes they were able to outline and paint the mummies that were then hung in their classrooms once completed. The students used colored paints, water, and paintbrushes to paint the mummy

Thanksgiving Feast

  In preparation for our Thanksgiving feast, two 6th graders worked with Mr. Kellner to prepare 10 turkeys for the St. James community. Mr. Kellner taught the students how to defrost, season and prepare the turkeys. Their hard work paid off Tuesday evening!

Rabbi Charlestein Visits

Over the past semester, the 5th graders have become more conversant with the religions of the world. Last week they had the opportunity to literally converse with a Jewish rabbi, Gary Charlestein. Religion in the abstract became flesh and blood for a student when he asked, “Are you Je

Marathon Cheering Section

On Marathon Sunday, six St. James students journeyed into the heart of East Falls to cheer on the 25,000+ participants running the Philadelphia Marathon. Armed with oranges, gatorade, hoola hoops and enthusiastic voices, students supported thousands of runners who were heading south o