Many who are interested in St. James School ask what happens to our students after they leave the security and intimacy of this school’s community. That’s why we have a strong Graduate Support Program to walk with students as they progress to high school and beyond.

Huskies Hangout

A space on campus dedicated solely to the graduates of St. James School, Huskies Hangout is open Monday-Friday from 3:00-6:30 for graduates to stop by for homework help and get together and socialize on the evenings and weekends. The Huskies Hangout features a comfortable workspace with wifi, computers, snack bar, air conditioning, and plenty of life advice from Graduate Support leaders Mr. Todd and Ms. Solnit.

Graduate Support Mentoring program

Partners St. James graduates with mentors who support students academically, socially, and professionally.

Graduate Support

Working to provide students with the tools to succeed in high school and guide them on their post-secondary educational journey


The mission of the St. James School Graduate Support program is to provide alumni with a network of academic, socioemotional, spiritual, financial, and college-oriented support throughout their high school and post-secondary educational journey. The goal of Graduate Support is to ensure that students continue their educational advancement, fulfill their potential, and achieve productive roles in society.

Below is a list of the resources we provide on a day to day basis:

Graduate Support

  • Designated graduate workspace at St. James School
  • Homework help
  • SEPTA tokens and transpasses
  • Tutors and additional homework help
  • Access to computers, printers and the internet
  • Reminders to parents about upcoming school events
  • Food ranging from snacks to full meals
  • Graduate support scholarships towards high school tuition or school materials
  • Mentor program
  • Events to reconnect with other graduates
  • College visits
  • Transportation to high school
  • Community service opportunities
  • Graduate internship program at St. James School
  • School supplies
  • High school transfer support
  • Communication with high school teachers and counselors
  • Summer and Spring Break camp and work opportunities