The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

Adult Education

Mission Statement

The St. James Adult Education Program recognizes and celebrates literacies in all forms as reading the word, reading the world, and reading life. We aim to equip adults with the ability to decipher, interpret, and communicate information that is necessary to navigate and positively impact the different spaces they encounter in their lives. The program is committed to meeting the needs of all adult learners and helping them to reach personal, academic, and professional goals.

Adult Education and The Welcome Table

The program is an ambitious evolution of The Welcome Table’s work. Originally, it focused on providing food, but it has grown into a multi-service neighborhood hub with big, bold ambitions to build community and help residents reach their life goals. The Welcome Table has formed trusting relationships with residents by hosting a weekly Farmer’s Market with free fresh produce and other foods, coordinating vaccination clinics, and serving as a bridge to services such as legal advice and home repairs.

We seek to provide this support through three core offerings that we refer to as the pillars of St. James Adult Education:

One-on-one Coaching

The objective of coaching is to assist participants to clarify their academic and/or professional goals, identify the obstacles in the way of those goals, and develop strategies to overcome those obstacles and achieve their goals. Individuals interested in furthering their education and or taking the next step in their career can meet with a coach who will help them assess their current academic/professional standing and create clear action plans to take the steps necessary to achieve their goals.

If you are interested in meeting with our coach, fill out an interest form and someone from our team will contact you shortly with next steps.

Enrichment Classes

During our fall, winter and spring terms, we offer a variety of enrichment classes that provide adult learners the opportunity to gain new skills and connect with other adult learners in an engaging environment. Examples of recent classes include Digital Skills, Financial Literacy, Cooking and Exercise.

If you are interested in learning more about the class schedule for our Winter 2022 term, please review the schedule and register for the upcoming classes.

Community Forums

The objective of our community forums is to create spaces for community education. There is simultaneously a wealth of experience/expertise within our community as well a number of issues having a daily impact on community life. These forums will be designed to tap into that collective knowledge and create opportunities for neighbors to come together, learn from each other, and work together to create solutions to these issues.

If you are an individual or an organization interested in partnering with the Welcome Table to host one of these forums, please complete an interest form and we will follow up with you/your organization regarding next steps.

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