The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

Church Cemetery

Notable People Buried in the St. James the Less

Chapman Biddle (1822-1880)
Civil War Union Army Officer

Horace Binney (1780-1875)
US Congressman

Mark Wilkes Collet
Civil War Union Army Officer and physician

James Barnet Fry
Civil War Union Brigadier General

George Harding
Greatest US Patent Attorney of the late-19th century
Son of Jesper Harding, founder of Pennsylvania Inquirer

Henry K. Hoff
United States Navy Rear-Admiral

Agnes Irwin (1841-1914)
American educator, best known as the first dean of Radcliffe College from 1894–1909 and as the principal of the West Penn Square Seminary for Young Ladies in Philadelphia, later re-named, in her honor, The Agnes Irwin School

Robert Morris, Jr.
Civil War Union Army Officer

John Grubb Parke (1827-1900)
Civil War Union Major General

William Stevens Perry (1832-1898)
Historian, Author, President of Hobart College and second bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa

Anthony Taylor (1837-1894)
Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Martin Russell Thayer (1819-1906)
US Congressman for Pennsylvania, 1863 to 1867. State Court Judge in 1867

Benjamin Chew Tilghman (1821-1901)
Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General, inventor of sandblasting

Stephen Decatur Trenchard (1818-1883)
United States Navy Rear-Admiral

John Wanamaker (1838-1922)
Businessman, founder of chain of Wanamaker’s Department Stores of Philadelphia and New York, founder of Bethany Presbyterian Church and a prominent Christian layman, and Postmaster General of the United States

(Lewis) Rodman Wanamaker (1863-1928)
son of John Wanamaker, philanthropist, artistic benefactor and patron of the Wanamaker Organ

William Halsey Wood (1855-1897)
Architect, one of four finalists in the competition for the design of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York

Cemetery Visiting Hours

The cemetery is open to the public seven days a week from dawn to dusk. To make an appointment for a tour of the graveyard, please contact David Kasievich.