Special Purpose Entity

To learn how you can donate your tax liability to St. James,
contact Angie McCole today: 215.226.1276 ext 112 or amccole@stjamesphila.org

DID YOU KNOW? You can turn your Pennsylvania state tax dollars into scholarships for St James students.

Now Pennsylvania offers a program (OSTC) that provides both businesses and individuals a tax credit of up to 90% of their scholarship donations — that could bring your PA income tax bill down to 10% (or less). And, most importantly, you are directly investing in the future of our students.  Now this program is open to individuals!

Does this apply to me?

If you are…

  • An employee of a Pennsylvania business
  • A shareholder of a Pennsylvania business or
  • A shareholder of a business that has other shareholders that do not wish to participate in the program


  • You are an Accredited Investor, meaning:
    • Your individual income exceeds $200,000 a year (or $300,000 a year with your spouse)
    • Your individual (or joint net worth with your spouse) exceeds $1 million

you can apply.

As an individual filer, you can get all the same benefits a business does and get to make an incredible impact in the life of a St. James student. There are some special requirements for individuals to utilize the OSTC credits to offset PA personal income tax liability. It’s simpler than it sounds and we can walk you through every step.