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Students & Families
We serve those who are most in need:
– 100% qualify for free or reduced lunch
– Average household income less than $15,000
– Many families experience deep poverty
– Uncertainty about food, housing and childcare

– City schools are overcrowded, dangerous and failing
– 90% of high school student below proficiency in math
– 41% Graduation Rate

Your Gift Provides a Life Changing Education

Because of you, students receive small classes, rigorous academics enrichment activities, faith-based education, support at school and home, greater focus on health and nutrition, thriving art and music programs, high school placement & graduate support, character and leadership building.




1 month of education for one student

2 months of education for one student

6 months of education for one student

Full year of education for one student


2016-17 Wanamaker Scholarship Society Donors

(as of 1.19.17)

$60,000+ – Sponsoring two or more scholarships

JKG Florida Business Corp

$30,000 – $59,999 – sponsors a full scholarships

Ruth M. and Tristram C. Colket, Jr.

Customers Bank

Gordon and Patricia Fowler

Virginia Cretella Mars Foundation

Audrey and Ben Solnit

David Spina and Victoria Mars


Fred and Barbara Sutherland

$15,000 – $29,999 – sponsors 6 months of education



Bill and Cantor Eagleson

IMX Medical Management Services

Saint Mark’s Church, Locust Street

Joyce Rehorst & Brian Bernhardt

Harold and Emily Starr

The Rev. Marie Z. Swayze

$10,000 – $14,999 – sponsors 4 months

The Rev. Frank Allen and Amy Allen

Virginia F. C. Batchelder Foundation

I. Isabelle Benton and Aileen White

Bravo Foundation


Maris Ogg and Bob Smith

Allyson and Steve Ross

Sky Community Partners

Tri-State Technical Sales Corporation

Charlotte Colket Weber


$7,500 – sponsors 3 months

Arch Street Presbyterian Church

Benjamin Neilson

The Estate of Dr. Nathaniel Robinson

Joseph and Jo Ann Townsend

Wilding Family Foundation

$5,000 – sponsors 2 months


Larry Christenson

David and Susie Demski

Di Bruno Bros.

Sally and Peter Hillyer

John and Minnie Kirwin

The Maguire Foundation

Joseph and Deedee McPeak

Pennsylvania Trust Company

The Lawrence Saunders Fund

Susan Sklaroff

Amanda and Richard Smoot

Tower Bridge Advisors

George and Ronna Tyndall

$2,500 – sponsors 1 month

Garland and Donna Barr Charitable Fund

John Chou and Teresa Wallace

Matthew and Lori Espe

The Family Church Corporation

Nancy Gretyok

David Kasievich and Andrew Kellner

Dick and Helen Leaman

The Scholler Foundation

John Sweigart and Lisa Ann Britton

Laura and David Thayer

Margaret and Bob Wallis

Wilkie Lexus


wanamaker-youngJohn Wanamaker (1838 – 1922) was a prominent Philadelphia businessman, philanthropist, and devout Christian.

He is credited with opening the first modern department store where he offered no hassle returns and generous employee treatment. With shops opening around the turn of the 20th century in Philadelphia, New York, London and Paris, Wanamaker had the opportunity to build a business model that looked out for its customers and employees.

wanamaker-storeHe popularized the fixed-price system into what became the industry standard, and created the money-back guarantee. Employees received free medical care, education, recreational facilities, pensions and profit-sharing before this became a standard practice, and his stores made noted early efforts to advance the welfare of African- and Native-Americans.

Though Wanamaker’s stores are no longer around, the former Philadelphia location by City Hall (a Macy’s department store today)  houses the beloved Wanamaker organ that can still be heard  every day.

Wanamaker Today

Wanamaker Tower, located on the property, is the permanent resting place of John Wanamaker and his family

Wanamaker Tower, located on the property, is the permanent resting place of John Wanamaker and his family

Wanamaker is buried with his family in the memorial tower located on our property. The chimes have remained a symbol of hope and promise in the St. James neighborhood, and we invite you to join in the legacy of this great Philadelphian through our student scholarship program.