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Your Tax Dollars, Your Choice

This is your chance to receive a 90% tax credit while supporting the future of St. James School in an easy process.

By redirecting your state tax dollars to St. James School through Pennsylvania’s Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC) and Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC), businesses and individuals have an opportunity to make a tremendous impact on the educational trajectory of children residing in the Allegheny West neighborhood of North Philadelphia. OSTC and EITC allows you to invest in tomorrow, and helps provide much needed tuition assistance to our students.

Participating is simple. Commit to a two-year scholarship gift to St. James, and you receive a state tax credit of 90%. That’s It!

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate with over 70 fellow donors by providing scholarships to nearly every St. James student!

Ready to join them?

Who Is Eligible?

  • Any tax-paying business doing business in Pennsylvania.
  • Individuals who pay $3,500 or more in state taxes and are employees, owners, or shareholders of businesses authorized to operate in PA. This includes non-profit employees or retirees.
  • There is no income requirement! 

If you said yes to the 3 questions above, then you can take advantage of this opportunity!

“The program is remarkable. It allows us to support a wonderful school in a financially advantageous way. You can direct 90% of the money you would otherwise pay to the state in income taxes to St. James. It really is a no-brainer!”

– Jeffrey & Gillian Waldron, St. James School Supporters

By God’s Grace, we were blessed with the resources to support the St. James School, which holds such a special place in our hearts: the school’s founding principles, their dedication to the entire student’s family, their commitment to the spiritual life of the neighborhood, their interest in students’ lives well after graduation — not to mention the enduring influence of the inimitable Audrey Evans — are each so meaningful to us. 

So, giving by way of the tax-credit program was an easy decision for us to have made. After all, who wouldn’t want to direct their tax dollars to students who are eager to learn but lacking the resources to do so?

And the process itself was also so easy. Working with the St. James School’s scholarship partner couldn’t have been simpler, and we were able to also make just a one-year rather than two-year commitment. It’s a time-tested program, we know it works, and we’ve been thrilled with its results.”

– David & Laura Thayer, St. James School Supporters

Join the List of St. James Tax Credit Champions

  • The Rev. Frank Allen & Dr. Amy Allen
  • Matt & Lori Espe
  • Gordon & Patricia Fowler
  • Dr. Corrina Franklin & Dr. Rey Ramirez
  • Roger & Chrisy Jones
  • David Kasievich & The Rev. Andrew Kellner
  • Susie & Michael Lastowski
  • Kathryn & Mark Miani
  • Bill & Karen Mignucci
  • Steve & Allyson Ross
  • Karl Schoettle
  • Laura & Thomas Sibson
  • David & Laura Thayer
  • Jay & Jo Ann Townsend
  • Joe & Laney Vogt
  • Jeffrey & Gillian Waldron
  • Todd & Tina Whitlow

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