Darryl Ford, head of school at William Penn Charter School, and St. James School founding advisory board member, gathered 15 administrators for a service day to benefit St. James School.

In just four short hours, volunteers helped transform several areas of our campus. Over 30 newly planted streets trees were watered, invasive weeds were removed from the backyard hillside, surrounding neighborhood streets were cleaned of trash, and books were sorted and organized.

In addition, returning administrators enjoyed a progress update by Executive Director David Kasievich, which highlighted all that had been accomplished since their last service day in July 2011.

New administrators enjoyed a tour or the beautiful and historic campus, and were pleased to hear about the growing relationship between St. James School and Penn Charter staff and students. Further ideas were explored to strengthen the bonds between the two neighboring schools to ensure that both schools can continue to develop the mutual beneficial partnership.

Darryl Ford shared his own reflections about what a school such as Penn Charter could provide the students at St. James School and how our students could benefit their school community. The day ended with a tour of the historic church, with the St. James School tradition of allowing new visitors to ring the church bells in honor of their first visit.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, students, and their families, Mr. Kasievich sends a deep thank you to Penn Charter for all they have done in support of the students entrusted to the school’s care.

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