The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

A Lifelong Commitment

We make a lifelong commitment to every child we serve. Our Graduate Support Program prepares students for future success and supports them along the way – through high school, college, careers, and beyond. View video below to hear directly from some of our graduates who are now in college.

Graduate Support Program Leverages Relationships to Help Our Students

The Graduate Support Program brings families, educational institutions, teachers, employers, and supportive partners together to facilitate long-term success for our students and graduates.

Social Support

A strong social support system built on long-term relationships between students, families and staff helps graduates navigate transitions and overcome challenges as they arise.

High School Partnerships

Active partnerships with a wide range of high quality regional high schools help students secure placements at schools that suit their needs and interests.

College Connections

Connections with local colleges, universities, and vocational training programs facilitate our graduates’ access to post-secondary opportunities.

Business Partners

Strong relationships with business partners and nonprofit organizations connect graduates to summer internships and job placements, helping them to build their resumes, earn college credits, and develop workforce readiness skills.

Civic Engagement

Opportunities for civic engagement – including voter registration assistance, service trips, and mentorship of current St. James School students – prepare graduates to be active citizens and ongoing contributors to the life of the community.

  • Preparation for life after St. James School begins in 5th grade, when members of our Graduate Support Team teach a weekly Skills class focused on high school, college, and careers.
  • When it’s time to apply to high school, the Graduate Support Team works with students and their families to select best-fit schools and guide them through the placement process.
  • Graduate Support Team members maintain regular contact with alumni throughout their high school years. They offer counseling, tutoring, mentoring, and tools to meet individual academic, socioemotional, spiritual, and financial needs.
  • The Huskies Hangout is a space on the St. James School campus dedicated solely to alumni. Graduates attending schools across the city can stop by on their way home for a few hours of homework help and socializing in a comfortable workspace with wifi , computers and snacks.
  • The Graduate Support Team helps high school seniors select and apply to colleges, technical schools or careers.

Hours spent in Huskies Hangout

Number of St. James School Graduates

Number of High Schools attended by Graduates

Number of Colleges and Universities Visited by Graduates

Graduate Support Program Staff

Fabian Austin

Senior Graduate Support Associate

Sarah Carroll

English Language Arts Teacher & Graduate Support Associate

Aldontae Guess

Graduate Support Associate, RAH Civic Association Manager, Servant Year Coordinator

Kevin Todd

Director of Graduate Support

Megan Young

Graduate Support Associate