Who We Serve

St. James School is committed to equipping students with the resources to develop their moral and spiritual identities, as well as their intellectual, physical and creative gifts

Students are accepted based on three main criteria:

  1. Financial Need
  2. Living in proximity to the school
  3. Family commitment


Student Pledge

ABC_0952I am a St. James student.

I am an active member in my community.

I am committed to social justice and positive change.

I can apply knowledge gained in the classroom to real-life situations at school and at home.

I will excel in high school and my career.

I will mentor my peers.

I am ready to lead with compassion and by example.

I am a child of God and I use my gifts to protect, heal and honor the environment.

I am a St. James student.

St. James School places an emphasis on academic growth and preparing students to be valuable and contributing members of society. Our students know that they are evaluated on their behavior and attitude and those very characteristics are their mark on this community. They greet visitors with a warm handshake and hold doors for staff, parents and fellow students. They be courteous, helpful and respectful to others. They work hard with teachers, administrators and their families to constantly reshape themselves into serious and thoughtful young people with principles rooted in what is right and good. We know it is these principles that will guide them through life.

A potential student may come to St. James School either at, below or above grade level. With the one-on-one model of a NativityMiguel school, students become excited about learning and set higher goals and dreams for their lives. Without such an educational model, students could easily fall through the cracks, drop out of school, become discouraged or make poor choices with their lives that often lead to drugs, gangs or worse. Exposed to the positive force of a solid education and encouragement from St. James School, and the commitment of their families, these same children become empowered to reach high and to brighten their own lives as well as others within their community. St. James School students become the leaders and, by example, provide for others to succeed.