The first St. James School Art & Music show was held for parents and special guests of the 5th graders. Showcasing the work of this very talented group of young scholars was no easy task. Thanks to Art Teacher Ms. Deena Ball, the evening went off without a hitch. Large art displays were placed throughout the school’s spacious gymnasium in preparation for the hanging of several projects, including: Van Gogh flower pastels, dragon heads made from assorted materials, personal graphic novels, group plaster cathedrals, Hopi wedding pots, and much more.

Guests were encouraged to make special note of pieces that really struck them, and to comment specifically. What a nice touch! Guests could also visit the Artsonia table where volunteers demonstrated the ability to buy online products (like mugs, mouse pads and more) with a student’s artwork transferred onto it.

Student-run demonstration tables were setup along the walls to show off to visitors their knowledge of print making and plastering.

Music Teacher Ms. Beth Dzwil filled in the evening art showcase with the musical talents of the students. Including three group songs, standout vocalist Ajia — recently accepted to the Philadelphia Girls Choir — sang her own personal song “Destiny” to a much deserved round of applause.

The evening ended with special thanks for Ms. Ball and Ms. Dzwil for their amazing accomplishments in pulling off such a wonderful event, and for helping to hone in on the musical and artistic talents of the 5th grade class.

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