Artist's rendering of completed court (by Al Cassidy)

Artist’s rendering of completed court (by Al Cassidy)

Construction began for a new multi-purpose recreation area on St. James School’s campus. A fully paved open space, the recreation area will feature a full basketball court that can also be used for volleyball, tennis, jump rope, hopscotch, and other games.

In the underresourced Allegheny West neighborhood, playgrounds are scarce and frequently touched by violence, with little adult supervision.

“We are excited to break ground on this area that will serve our students and community as a secure and open space for physical exercise, play, teambuilding, and gathering in a neighborhood where fear often keeps young people indoors,” says head of school David Kasievich.

This treasured campus addition will be used daily for recess and after-school enrichment activities. Teachers and staff look forward to the ways it will improve student health and physical activity and increase the frequency and quality of their outdoor play. The recreation area will also become a valuable neighborhood resource with posted hours for community use with school supervision.

Eighth grade student Justin, a member of the St. James Huskies basketball team, is pumped. “I’m so excited to have our own space for the Huskies to practice,” said Justin. “I can’t wait to work on my skills and improve my layup right in our own backyard!”

Construction of the recreation area was made possible through a lead gift from Community Clothes Charity, a tireless group of passionate women who recently visited campus to see the start of construction and meet the students. The school sends Community Clothes Charity many thanks for their generous support!


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