The bees arrive to their new home

The bees arrive to their new home

Through a partnership with the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild, St. James School’s campus is now home to thousands of bees. Since fall 2013, the guild has hosted a number of member beekeping sessions on campus open to interested staff and students.

We now have four beekepers in residence: Math Teacher Annie Lerew, Instructional Assistant Jessica Alexandre, 7th grade student Jaleika Woodard, and 5th grade student Kevine Dupree.

Staff and students worked with the guild to install a hive of bees on campus this April. After transporting the bees and equipment to campus, the beekepers suited up in protective gear, calmed the bees by spraying sugar water, and installed the queen bee.

The bees are being carefully monitored and cared for by our newly trained beekeepers. We are looking forward to sampling their honey in the coming year.

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