St. James School is proud to announce a special partnership with DiBruno Bros., Philadelphia’s premier cheese supplier, culinary store and catering company. Since 1939 Di Bruno Bros has established a legacy of culinary pioneering with exceptional and warm hospitality. Their dedication to these principles is carried through each and every day in all aspects of their catering services. It is their belief that every occasion is one to celebrate. Whether it is an impromptu dinner party, black-tie affair or a St. James School lunch.

On Friday, October 26, student ambassadors Samira and Sydnee accompanied Audrey Evans, MD, school co-founder, and David Kasievich, Head of School to DiBruno Bros. – their new commissary kitchen at 4th Street and Fairmount Avenue. During the visit, students had the opportunity to tour their extensive storage facilities, preparation areas and their kitchen to learn about the production of their fine selection of food. The tour included an insider look at the behind the scenes areas of the kitchen by DiBruno Bros. President, Bill Mignucci. The tour ended with a round table discussion with Mr. Mignucci about various topics such as hospitality, family, favorite vegetables and why St. James School is such a great place to learn and prepare for great high schools. Student were excited to return to St. James with their new knowledge of DiBruno Bros. and a car full of wonderfully prepared Italian food for the classmates.

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