The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

The St. James School Girls’ Choir traveled to Upper Dublin Lutheran Church (UDLC) to bring their music talents to our newest church partner. UDLC is the home parish of music teacher Beth Dzwil and her finance Andrew McMaster. The students were invited to sing three hymns (including “One Bread One Body” and “We are Marching”) at each of their Sunday services. They were well received and accompanied by the church band.

The relationship with UDLC began as a result of Beth Dzwil inviting a number of her fellow parishioners to visit St. James School during a fall Morning with St. James program. After this initial visit, much energy and interest began to brew at the church. UDLC’s Outreach Committee wanted to make an immediate impact of support, so they selected St. James as the beneficiary of their annual fall flea market.

At each service, outreach committee members presented a check to Executive Director Dave Kasievich. To add to the school’s profound gratitude, student Ajia Hendricks offered her song after the congregation watched the current “Opening Doors: One Classroom at a Time” video. Some in attendance were moved to tears while Ajia sang her own personal song “Destiny” and ended with a well deserved round of applause.

St. James School is very pleased to have new friends at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church, and are profoundly grateful for their support.

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