Wissahickon Valley Park Trail (Forbidden Drive) follows the creek of the same name through the entire length of the most Northern part of Fairmount Park. The ominous sounding Forbidden Drive was so named because in the 1920s cars were banned from it. Today, it’s open to pedestrians, equestrians, cyclists and St. James Students! The park includes many interesting historical features, especially interesting old homes owned by notable locals. Urban Blazers led the three-hour hike from the west side of the park to the Indian statue on the east side of the Wissahickon. This kneeling Lenape warrior was sculpted in 1902 by John Massey Rhind. The statue is a tribute to the Lenape Indians who hunted and fished in the Wissahickon prior to the arrival of colonists. The dramatic 15-foot high sculpture was the location of a perfect resting stop. Besides a few bumps and bruises, the students arrived back to St. James School safe, sound and with very sore legs!

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