St. James School is proud to announce the school’s new basketball team, the St. James School Huskies.

SJS-HuskiesSt. James students have long hoped for an opportunity to play on a “real” basketball team, and the neighborhood’s Faith-Based Youth Basketball League has provided that opportunity. Under the leadership of Coach Kevin Todd, the co-ed team began a rigorous practice schedule in December 2013 and the Huskies are held to a very high standard.

All student athletes must complete their assignments every week, have excellent behavior, and show up on time for practice every Sunday and Tuesday evening to be part of the team — and each understands that academics comes first.

The team played its first game on January 15.

How did the team get their name? Dakota, a siberian husky who often visits students alongside Head of School David Kasievich, has brought so much cheer to the students that it seemed a no-brainer.


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