The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia


Baker's Square North PhiladelphiaBakers Square, a new 220,000 square foot community shopping center in the Hunting Park West section of Philadelphia will be located on the site of the former Tasty Baking Co. On Friday, March 25, Executive Director Dave Kasievich joined over a 1,000 people from the community to celebrate the groundbreaking of a new Shop Rite grocery store. The 71,000 square foot ShopRite will be owned and operated by Brown’s Super Stores. The company is known for their efforts to increase the availability for affordable healthy foods and providing good jobs to underserved communities. Rosalyn Williams (office assistant), Ann Harris (After School parent) and Rose Cooper (St. James Advisory Board member) were in attendance to celebrate the momentous day.

“If a community sticks together, anything can be accomplished. We were certain that we didn’t want the proposed casino in our neighborhood. We stuck together and we are beginning to see the fruit of our labor. Our neighborhood wanted and needed a grocery store. Today is a great day,” said Rosalyn Williams on the car ride back to St. James School.

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