We all know the pledge of allegiance.
We stand up as a group
On a particular day
We put our right hand on our chest
And we proudly say…
“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the Republic for which it stands. One nation…….”
One Nation.
Are we a real nation?
A nation has people who stand together through it all
Not a divided country that thinks justice is wrong
People act like babies when they don’t get their rattle
Instead they call the police and turn life into a battle
They refuse to wear a mask ‘cause of a “medical reason”
But if a child is selling water, that deserves treason?
But that’s the world we live in that we have to deal with
If you give me some time, I walk you through the rest of it.

Those are just the issues that we talk about
And riot about
Because they are the easy things to scout out.
But the societal issues are right at our homes
Whether Snapchat or Instagram, it’s right on our phones.
These idols we look up to flex the things they have
Their lives look perfect and it makes us all sad
They show off all their money, their partner, their fame
And when you look at what you have, you feel ashamed
Their purpose is make dreams look a reality
But when you see the truth, you see the mystically
The lies every picture holds, the fake stories told
The perfect lifestyle is what they try to mold
Out of a person who is just like you and me
Caught up in the spiral we call society
And the cycle never ends, so we just play pretend
Hoping for a friend to give us that
But it’s all unachievable, it may seem unbelievable
But the consequential actions make it seem believable
So next time you go crying over someone else’s life
See the beauty in your own and you’ll never think twice

As you can see, if you’ll stand with me
In this “land of the free”
With all of our economy
And say that this nation is meant to be ours
Through the happy sunshine and the raining showers
Life is a blessing cause it’s what you make it
This nation is our nation take it or leave it.

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