Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin speaks to St. James School students

Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin joins St. James School students in some schoolyard football

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On Monday December 1st Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin visited St. James School to engage with students, check out the new Di Bruno Bros. Neighborhood Kitchen, and experience the Vetri Foundation Eatiquette lunch program for himself.

Thank you Mr. Maclin! banner signed by the students

Thank you Mr. Maclin! banner signed by the students

Following an impressive introduction by 7th grader Daviohn Scarborough, Maclin spoke to the school community about his own upbringing just outside of St. Louis, MO, and identified with many of the struggles experienced by students at St. James School. His message was inspiring and clear: “never give up and never be ashamed to ask for help.”jmac-gives-back

Maclin honored the student essay contest runners-up along with winner Jamaal Oliver. Each were given VIP passes to the annual Bowling with the Birds event put on by Jeremy Maclin’s own foundation Jmac Gives Back. Jamaal Oliver read his essay,  written about the importance of eating healthy, cutting out soda and juice from your diet, and getting plenty of exercise. Maclin concurred, stating that he cut soda from his diet 9 years ago because of a suggestion from his mother.

Maclin ate lunch with students and then enjoyed an extended recess where he played football and basketball with the students, then signed many autographs for them to take home. It was truly a special day for all involved.

Special thanks to our food partners for bringing the Di Bruno Bros. Neighborhood Kitchen to life each day



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