The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

Become a Black Futures Sponsor

This year, every dollar will support the Graduate Support Program.

$10,000 Opportunities – 6 Benefit tickets

Last Dollar Scholarship – tuition, room and board for 1 student

Year meal plan for 2 students

Housing for students during breaks and summers

$5,000 Opportunities – 4 Benefit tickets

First Bosses Program (job training)

Study abroad gap for graduates

Year of food for Huskies Hangout

$3,000 Opportunities – 4 Benefit tickets

Year of Tutoring for graduate

Skills class for 5th & 6th grades

Pre-college/ university high school summer program

$1,500 Opportunities – 2 Benefit tickets

Laptop and Technology for 1 Graduate

Summer Camp for 1 Graduate

High School tuition gap for 1 graduate