The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

The Rev. Frank Allen of St. David’s Church, along with confirmands, unveils the sign of St. David’s Field on St. James School’s campus

On Sunday, October 29, 2017, St. David’s Field was dedicated at St .James School. With the help of confirmands, adult sponsors and Rector of St. David’s Church The Rev. Frank Allen, a new green space was officially commissioned for the St. James School community and surrounding neighborhood.

After three years of work, youth groups from previous years cleared an overgrown field of weeds, trash and brush and created what is now St. David’s Field. The dedication was scheduled on the annual service day for the current cohort of confirmands from St. David’s Church.

The sign’s inscription reads as follows:

St. David’s Field

On this site from 2010 – 2014 the youth from St. David’s Episcopal Church (Wayne, PA) worked to create this green space for St. James School and the children and families of the RAH neighborhood. Dedicated on October 29, 2017 in recognition of the people, youth and clergy of St. David’s Episcopal Church, especially the Rev. Frank Allen, Rector and the Rev. Matt Holcombe, Associate Rector.

Guests place incense into a collection of dirt from St. David’s Field

A speedy unveiling of the field’s new sign took place due to the rainy weather. The unveiling was led by youth from St. David’s Church and The Rev. Frank Allen. After the unveiling, a special prayer service and blessing was led by School Chaplain and Religion Teacher The Rev. Andrew Kellner in the Church of St. James the Less. Each person in attendance added a incense to a peace of earth from St. David’s Field. Each piece of incense represented a prayer intention that will be added to the larger field.

In recent years, the field has become a place of leisure, activity and fun. Whether it is a family from the neighborhood enjoying the lush green grass, PE class running obstacles, a house meeting, picnic or the school’s graduation exercises, St. David’s Field is a popular place to gather.

A service is led by Chaplain and Religion Teacher The Rev. Andrew Kellner

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