On May 5, 2016, School Chaplain The Reverend Lorna Williams and Deacon Andrew Kellner–together with students, staff, and families–celebrated the baptism of three St. James students during 8AM mass at the Church of St. James the Less.

Shanjae Fergerson, Makai Garnett, and Hannah Perez-Parks were sponsored by family members as well as St. James volunteer Mary Hopkins. 

This special celebration marks the culmination of preparation that began during Lent this year. After students indicated their interest in baptism, Mother Williams worked with them and their families for four weeks to prepare for baptism during intensive sessions. At the service, the students made their baptismal promises and were blessed by holy water and chrism, sealing them by the Holy Spirit in baptism and marking them as Christ’s own forever.

Mother Williams, who felt privileged to celebrate this important rite with our students and families, says “Our newly baptized asked me very in depth questions during our preparation. I am so impressed by their curiosity about God’s role in their lives.”

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