With Urban Blazers, the students at St. James School hit the slopes for their first time. The group of sixteen 5th graders began the day learning how to stop, make turns, and (most importantly for a first-time skier) how to get up after you fall.

As with any activity, some students picked up skiing quickly while others struggled to find their balance on the hill. All of the students demonstrated perseverance, and eventually everyone made at least one trip down the slope without falling.

Several students were given permission to ski from a more challenging section of the hill with Eric Dolaway, executive director of Urban Blazers. Before skiing down to join their classmates in the lodge about halfway down the mountain, 5th graders Marquise, Jamaal, Ezekiel and Cordell took a moment to take in the view. “Wow! It’s really beautiful up here,” they all agreed.

They had been working so hard learning to ski that they didn’t even notice that they were on the top of a mountain among the clouds.

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