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Your Tax Dollars, Your Choice

This is your chance to receive a 90% tax credit while supporting St. James School in an easy process.

By redirecting your state tax dollars to St. James School through Pennsylvania’s Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC) and Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC), individuals and businesses make a tremendous impact in our Allegheny West neighborhood. As a tuition-free school, you provide much needed scholarships so all our students in grades 4-8 receive the excellent, affordable education they deserve.

Participating is simple. Commit to a year or more. This scholarship gift will qualify you for a state tax credit of 90%. That’s It!

Recruiting 2023 Participants Now!
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Start Here to Confirm your Eligibility

Take a 60-second quiz to confirm you are eligible.

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1. Check Your Eligibility

Any tax-paying business doing business in Pennsylvania.
Individuals who pay $3,500 or more in state taxes and are employees, owners, or shareholders of businesses authorized to operate in PA. This includes non-profit employees or retirees.


2. Reserve your Spot

 Submit a one-page joinder to reserve your spot and join our Special Purpose Entity (SPE). It takes less than 10 minutes to fill out the paperwork. You will be joining a group of 140 people who provide scholaship dollars to St. James annually.

3. Write a Check

Make a contribution of at least $3,500 to the SPE. 100% of your redirected state taxes provides scholarships of our students!

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to participate?

This program is available to both businesses and individuals alike. If you pay at least $3,500 in Pennsylvania state taxes, you most likely qualify.

For individuals, you must be an employee, owner, or shareholder of a business authorized to do business in Pennsylvania. This includes non-profit employees and retirees as long as you own stock in a business that operates in Pennsylvania.

You must commit to give the same amount for two years.

How do I apply? What is the process?
  • Step 1. Consult your tax advisor or accountant to confirm your eligibility.
  • Step 2. Determine your Pennsylvania tax liability for two years and the amount you want to redirect your taxes.
  • Step 3. Sign our SPE joinder agreement and reserve your spot as soon as possible! It’s first-come, first-served.
  • Step 4. Write a check to your SPE. (In your first year, you may be writing a check to a different SPE based on your participation amount and where there is room.)
  • Step 5. The SPE passes 100% of your contribution to St. James School, providing scholarships to students in North Philadelphia.
  • Step 6. Around February of the following year, you will receive a K-1 Statement for your Pennsylvania taxes that will include your 90% tax credit.
  • Step 7. If you are owed a refund due to overpayment, you will receive it the following fall. Please note, this is handled by a different department and refunds have been delayed.
  • Step 8. You will be notified to confirm your participation again either in the fall (if you signed up in the spring) or in the summer (if you signed up in the fall).
If I'm eligible, am I guaranteed a tax credit once I apply?

Tax credits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. This is a popular program that fills up fast! To make sure you receive a tax credit this year, submit your signed joinder as soon as possible and reserve your spot! Checks are due either in the spring or fall.

We recommend joining in the spring if you know your state tax liability at the beginning of the year and want to avoid paying your quarterly estimated taxes. Also, this is a more guaranteed time. You can also sign up in the fall, if you need a little more time, but know this is the more sought-after deadline. There may be a waiting list due to high demand so get in your joinder early.

    Will my entire contribution directly support St. James School?

    Yes! 100% goes to scholarship support to St. James School.

    Is the other 10% of my contribution tax deductible?

    Yes! If you itemize your deductions at tax time, the other 10% of your contribution qualifies as a federal charitable donation.

    What are Special Purpose Entities (SPEs)?

    Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) are used in Pennsylvania to aggregate contributions from individuals interested in the Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) or Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs. Individuals sign joinder agreements to participate in a SPE, and our partner, Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund (CPSF) makes it possible so you can receive the tax credit.

    What’s the difference between EITC and OSTC?
    The EITC program provides tuition assistance support to qualified students from low income households. The OSTC program is slightly more restrictive, in that the students must also live in school districts ranked in the bottom 15% in Pennsylvania.

    You do not have to worry about EITC or OSTC when applying. The tax benefits of both programs are exactly the same, and St. James School students qualify to receive both.

    Who is St. James School’s partner? Do they charge anything?

    We partner with an organization called Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund (CPSF) who receives the awards from the state, processes the paperwork for us, and passes 100% of the funds to us. They are CPAs who manage the SPEs and provide this service pro-bono. They also work with hundreds of schools across the state, and were vetted by our Finance Committee and Board of Trustees, many of whom participate. This is a win win!

    CPSF will send your K-1 Statement in February and will also follow up with you regarding your next year’s participation.

    The program is increasingly popular so the sooner you reserve your spot by completing our joinder agreement, the better. They accept sign ups in the spring and fall.

    Should I fill out the joinder in full, even if I am uncertain about the amount that I will be paying in PA state taxes?

    Yes, by filling out the joinder, you are essentially reserving your tax credit. It is possible to adjust the amount listed on your joinder before you need to write a check. For assistance, contact Soozung Rankin at srankin@stjamesphila.org or 215.226.1276 x202.

    Can I adjust the amount listed on my joinder once a new calendar year begins?

    We hope that individuals will make at least a two-year commitment to support student scholarships at St. James School, but there is no term limit and you can continue for however long you wish to participate. You will be reminded to reapply in the fall (if you signed up in the spring) or in the summer (if you signed up in the fall), at which point you can adjust your contribution amount. Look for paperwork from our partner, CPSF.

    Over 140 donors

    currently participate

    All 85 students

    are eligible to receive scholarships

    90% tax credit

    = you give a dime, St. James School receives a dollar

    < 10 minutes

    to complete a joinder application

    Join over 140 donors who provide tax credit scholarships to St. James students!

    By God’s Grace, we were blessed with the resources to support the St. James School, which holds such a special place in our hearts: the school’s founding principles, their dedication to the entire student’s family, their commitment to the spiritual life of the neighborhood, their interest in students’ lives well after graduation — not to mention the enduring influence of the inimitable Audrey Evans — are each so meaningful to us.

    So, giving by way of the tax-credit program was an easy decision for us to have made. After all, who wouldn’t want to direct their tax dollars to students who are eager to learn but lacking the resources to do so?

    And the process itself was also so easy. Working with the St. James School’s scholarship partner couldn’t have been simpler, and we were able to also make just a one-year rather than two-year commitment. It’s a time-tested program, we know it works, and we’ve been thrilled with its results.”

    David & Laura Thayer, St. James School Supporters

    Thank you donors!
    As of 5/6/21

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    Betsy and Jay Aikens
    The Rev. Frank Allen and Dr. Amy Allen
    Theresa and Jay Baldwin
    Andy and Jane Balsan
    Marjorie Bell
    Priscilla and Jack Belsinger
    Steve and Elizabeth Bitterman
    John and Lisa Black
    Stephane and Juliana Bouvel
    Dan and Shelley Boyce
    Andrew and Susanna Brown
    Richard and Cindy Buchanan
    Patti and Chas Burkhart
    Megan and Patrick Cahill
    David Carlson
    Joan Carter and John Aglialoro
    Mary and Edward Cloues
    Dr. Michael Damiano and Susan Damiano
    The Rev. Matthew Dayton-Welch and Paul C. R. Dayton
    Al and Gail Deana
    Julia and Darrell DeMoss
    Jon Jay and Margaret DeTemple
    Steve and Jordan Dittman
    Sara Doelger
    Mary Dugery
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    Garry and Donna Duncan
    Louise Dunn and Scott Kozin, MD
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    Shelly and Scot Fisher
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    Gordon and Patricia Fowler
    Brad Garfield and Amanda Henninger
    Larry Goldberg
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    Matthew Hammer
    Russell Hauer
    Joe Herbst
    John and Helena Heywood
    Kevin and Pam Hicks
    Craig and Stephanie Hoffman
    Kirk and Nanci Hoffman
    Peter and Allyson Hotz
    Dr. Steven Hwang
    Paige and James Infortuna
    Bob Itin and Mary Garrett Itin
    Bob and Laine Jacoby
    Colin Johnstone
    Kenneth and Lorraine Jones
    Roger and Chrisy Jones
    David Kasievich and The Rev. Andrew Kellner
    Bill and Alyssa Kay
    Alec and Marnie Kerr
    The Rev. Cathy D. Kerr and Chris Kerr
    Eileen and Mathew Kraut
    Michael and Susan Lastowski
    Dick and Helen Leaman
    Chip Lee
    Betsy and Bob Legnini
    Tim and Lauren Leithead
    Bill and Rhonda Levy
    Dr. Eric Lien and Winnie Anderson
    Ellie Lloyd
    Steven Lloyd
    ThaiBinh Luong and Jessica McDonald
    Bill and Jan Lutz
    Dr. Chiduzie C. Madubata
    Susan O’Hagan Marley and Bob Marley
    Suzanne and Norman Matlock
    Michael and Diane Mayer
    Jeff and Cindy McCallum
    Jamie and Meg McLane
    Joe and Deedee McPeak
    Rich and Pam Merriman
    Kathryn and Mark Miani
    Francie Middleton and Michael Fields
    Bill and Karen Mignucci
    Ned Miller and Carol Kangas
    Scott and Karen Moon
    John and Marte Murphy
    Benjamin Neilson
    The Rev. Abigail and The Rev. Mark Nestlehutt
    Nevin O’Malley
    Faith and Bill Parshall
    John Pickering
    David and Urszula Pollard
    William Porter
    Mark Quigley
    Dr. Corinna Franklin and Dr. Rey Ramirez
    Steve and Beth Ramsey
    William Rapp
    Lois Redmond
    Barbara Reeves-Cohen
    Mike and M.L. Riley
    Amy and Chris Roak
    Aileen and Brian Roberts
    John and Theresa Rollins
    Allyson and Steve Ross
    Joe and Kathryn Royal
    Susannah Rouse
    Michael Rubin
    Steve Schmid
    Karl and Katherine Schoettle
    Laura and Thomas Sibson
    Cathy and Bill Siegl
    Richard and Elizabeth Smith
    Lauren and Henry Sullivan
    Laura and David Thayer
    Jay and Jo Ann Townsend
    Nancy Townsend
    Dr. Derrick Turner
    Drew and Annie Ulichney
    Joe and Laney Vogt
    Lane and Joe Walsh
    Mariellen and Mark Weaver
    Tina and Todd Whitlow
    Robert Rihmeek Williams
    Peter and Susie Wilmerding
    Lee Wolfe
    The Rev. William Wood and Kristine Wood
    Mims Zabriskie
    Tom and Susan Zug
    Kim and Peter Zuleba III

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    Tax credits are available on a first-come, first-served basis

    Sign up early to make sure you receive your tax credit and to make sure St. James can benefit from this important program!

    Have more questions?

    We encourage you to call or email us, and we can walk you through each step! Call 215-226-1276 x202 or email us.