The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

The 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Feast was a night to remember for all those in attendance. The day began early in the morning with the preparation of 18 turkeys, the delicious smell emanating throughout the school building. Volunteers spent the afternoon preparing the community room for the arrival of our guests. Families of students arrived at 5:30 to a feast of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, collard greens and every side imaginable. All this would not have been possible without the generosity of parents who provided these tasty dishes. The evening festivities began with prayer led by Lay Chaplain Alex Lenzo and student representatives.

Thank you to Andrew Kellner (Diocesan Canon for Family & Young Adult Ministries) and his staff from the for preparing the turkeys; to to our volunteers from St. Asaph’s Church and Saint Mark’s Church Philadelphia; and finally, to St. Asaph’s Church for donating the turkeys for the dinner and the many bags of food that were sent home with families to assist them with their Thanksgiving dinners.

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