The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

Fifth grade students went on a docent led tour of the Native American galleries of the Southwestern United States. They learned about the Hopi and Zuni symbols and beliefs. They saw clothes, tools and pottery from these cultures. The fifth graders enjoyed a night sky presentation and learned about the importance of stars to the Hopi culture. On their way out, the students made a stop in the Interactive African galleries to make their own Adrinka stamp designs and see a variety of masks and scultpture. The sixth graders enjoyed a docent led tour of the Egyptian Galleries. The students visited the lower Egyptian galleries and saw the giant sphinx and the enormous time line of Egyptian history. They went to the Egyptian galleries entitled Amarna, ancient Egypt’s place in the Sun and saw a black bronze figure of a king, believed to be Tutankhamun. The sixth graders saw mummies and sapcophagus cases and learned about ancient Egyptian symbols. After spending so much time working on their own sarcophagus case designs, it was good to see actual Egyptian art and artifacts.