The Health and Wellness Center

“To be educated, children must be healthy. To be healthy, children must be educated.” 

St. James’ School Based Health Center provides relationship-based care reflecting the school’s commitment to a ‘Whole Community, Whole School and Whole Child’ model. The trauma-informed paradigm is implemented at the organizational level to recognize, understand, and address learning and health needs of students and others impacted by traumatic stress.

Our students have access to preventive primary care services on campus, sick care, physical and mental health screening, diagnosis, treatment, referrals, case management, flu vaccines, dental care, and mental health services, in partnership with parents and guardians. 

Our school nurse practitioner, Dale Ayton, is a Pediatric Primary Care and Mental Health Specialist. Integrated mental health counseling and related services are provided by St. James staff, CORA counselors, nd partnerships with outside service providers.

Informational Downloads

The Wellness Team has developed educational tools to help guide families and students in developing healthy habits and social and emotional self management skills. Please use these tools to help navigate the challenges and rewards of adolescent growth and development!

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