The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

St. James School enjoyed a special day with student visitors from William Penn Charter (Philadelphia) and The Shipley School (Bryn Mawr). Both schools scheduled their service days on the same day, and therefore joined together with St. James’ students for a collective day of service, fellowship, learning and fun.

Each partner school experienced an orientation program where they learned about the challenges faced by our students, their families and the immediate neighborhood. The three schools collectively joined together for the mutual benefit of learning from one another.

Penn Charter cleaned surrounding streets of trash, cleaned our church, and prepared a special lunch dish (ratatouille), using the fruit of the week …eggplant!

Shipley students enjoyed getting to know the 5th and 6th graders during lunch and recess, and helped with a number of service projects throughout the building. The students of St. James School look forward to building relationships with each school during their upcoming monthly service days at our school.

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