Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities


Position Overview:
The Counselor is a member of the school’s Wellness Team and works in collaboration with the Director of Student and Family Services and others to lead St. James, always striving to become a world class school.

Primary Responsibilities
    • ensuring that all students have the opportunity to access that support
    • communicates with instructional staff to support students and families
    • collaborates with the Graduate Support Team providing counseling services for St. James alumni
    • coordinating and appropriately referring graduates to the services of the health professional
      If interested, please click below

Adult Education Coordinator

Position Overview:
The Adult Education Coordinator is tasked with managing the day-to-day programming and operational tasks associated with the Welcome Table’s adult education community action. Manage the programming and operations of the Adult Education community action.

Primary programming responsibilities include:

  • Developing course/event schedule for year-round classes and adult education events
  • Identifying and recruiting instructors for classes
  • Recruiting and enrolling class participants
  • Organizing and coordinating assessment, enrollment and attendance too
  • Other duties as assigned

If interested, please click below or contact Paul Barrett [email protected] 


To teach students in a classroom setting, to create an environment favorable to learning and personal growth in accordance with each student’s needs and ability. The teacher is responsible for the human and Christian education of the students entrusted to his/her care through both delivery of the instructional program and modeling of appropriate habits, skills, attitudes and behaviors. It is the teacher who motivates, encourages, and inspires students to excel in all their endeavors and who sets goals and expectations that challenge students to meet and expand their potential.

 If interested, please send cover letter and resume to Dave McDonough, Principal, [email protected]

Music Educator & Director of Liturgical Music

In this role, you will be an integral member of the school’s Instructional Team, shaping the hearts and minds of our
community through the power of music and spiritual expression. You will be responsible for implementing innovative instructional strategies that create a vibrant learning environment, guiding students from beginning-level performance to choral singing success. Your role will involve fostering a culture of musical excellence and spiritual growth,
ensuring our students excel in both their academic and personal journeys.

 If interested, please send cover letter and resume to Dave McDonough, Principal, [email protected]

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