The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia
Procession along Lipincott Street

Procession along Lipincott Street

feast-day-progression-panorama-sat-250The 3rd Annual Feast Day of St. James the Less was celebrated at St. James School on Wednesday, May 7. Students, staff and guests began the special day in front of the school house at 12:30pm and started off a procession around the neighborhood.

With several paintings and drawings of the school’s saint in hand, a line of over 75 walked west on Clearfield Street and around Lipincott, then processed directly through the memorial Wanamaker Tower and into the Church of St. James the Less.

Parishioners enjoyed an enlivened sermon by The Reverend Sean Mullen who, pulling from his literal bag of tricks, showed how the clothes pins in his brown bag are like the people all connected in mission at St. James.

The Mass was followed by an outdoor lunch and recess with guests and students sharing company.


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