The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

Our Purpose

Providing a superior education

St. James School students are growing up in North Philadelphia, where the downward pull of poverty has been felt for generations. Our purpose – and the greatest measure of our success – is empowering students to gain the knowledge, skills, confidence and inner strength to forge their own upward path to the future they imagine.

To fulfill our purpose, we act daily to realize the bold vision of our founders that St. James School would be a place where students are encouraged to discover their academic, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative gifts. We actively collaborate with family caregivers to raise healthy, joyful young people who are inspired to learn.

The only Episcopal school in the city of Philadelphia

As the only Episcopal school in the city of Philadelphia, St. James is providing 85 students in grades 4-8 with a top-quality, faith-based private education. Thanks to more than 1,000 annual donors and scores of volunteers, our school is tuition-free.

The majority of our students start school at St. James one to two years behind grade level. To prepare them for acceptance into best-fit high schools, we cap class size at 18 students, maintain a 7:1 student/instructor ratio, and extend the school day and year, including twice-monthly Saturday school and a summer learning program.

Throughout grades 9-12, our Graduate Support Team stays in close contact, mentoring and tutoring graduates to ensure their success. Support continues as they apply to and enter college, technical school or a career. They never stop being “our students.”

Removing obstacles, adding resources

Despite all of the above, achieving our purpose requires more. We need to remove obstacles and add resources in ways that schools serving affluent communities don’t.

Our care-centric approach includes healthy, fresh food served family-style, an on-site nurse practitioner who treats sick children instead of sending them home, a visiting dentist, and mental health professionals trained to help young people work through adversity.

Doing whatever it takes to ensure our students succeed in life depends upon major ongoing investment by the individuals and church communities who support our school. The good news is that all of those who are invested in our students’ success see the return on their investment whenever they visit St. James School. 



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