The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

More Than a School … a Community Anchor

Our co-founder Dr. Audrey Evans’  vision of “total care” guides everything we do at St. James. It was this same philosophy that inspired her to found the first Ronald McDonald House. To provide an excellent education, we focus on all of our students’ gifts, not just intellectual, but also spiritual, moral, emotional, creative, and physical. See what “total care” looks like in our gallery below: from our Health Center, to dental care, therapeutic services and robust community support.

Embracing students and families

Healthy Lunches

 Healthy, fresh food is offered for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. Students, faculty and staff eat together at lunch, which is served family-style at round tables, encouraging conversation.

Health Center

Instead of missing school for doctor visits, or visiting under-resourced health clinics where the wait times can be long, students can receive primary care services right here on campus. Nurse Dale Ayton uses a relationship-focused approach to support students and families’ health and wellness goals, like positive sleep habits, asthma management, and nutrition education.


Visiting Dentist

Thanks to our partnership with St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children’s Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Dental, a dentist’s office on wheels parks outside our school twice a year. The dentist and assistant provide routine cleanings, examinations, and minor procedures such as filling cavities.


Our on-site mental and behavioral health professionals provide timely and targeted support for students who are experiencing social-emotional difficulties or need help to work through trauma or adversity.


Family Guardian Association

Members of the school’s Family Guardian Association meet and work with school leaders on multiple initiatives each year, increasing the positive impact of parents and guardians on the school community.

Sayre Health Center

The Bernett L Johnson Sayre Health Center of Penn Medicine is a full service primary care health clinic serving the needs of West Philadelphia residents.
Sayre partnered with St. James Wellness Center in 2018, providing annual flu vaccines to our St James School community and staff. Most recently, Sayre has partnered with our Wellness Center and Welcome Table to provide COVID-19 testing and vaccinations to our community. The Sayre team is committed to increasing access to a wide range of health services to our neighborhood and community in the future

Embracing the community


The school chaplain, Father Andrew Kellner, invites neighbors to find a spiritual home at The Church of St. James the Less. All are welcome at Mass.

Community Events

St. James School and RAH work together to host community-building social events, including a summer BBQ and children’s street carnival, and an outdoor jazz concert.

Welcome Table

The Welcome Table is our community outreach center. Food, clothing and other goods are donated and appreciated. Visitors can obtain spiritual counseling, take part in monthly pro bono legal clincs, and request minor home repairs.


RAH Association

Our school offers on-campus space for community meetings and celebrations. RAH, the local civic association, meets monthly in the schoolhouse to plan social events and discuss issues and challenges.

Sunday Night Dinner

Every Sunday night, Mass is followed by a community dinner, which has become a weekly celebration of fellowship. After dinner, neighborhood residents are invited to take home boxes of fresh food.