Thanks to you, we surpassed our goal of 222 and will receive an additional $22,000 from generous donors.


Over the summer, Founding Board Members Philip Price, Jim Ballengee, and Douglas Marshall challenged St. James School to raise 222 gifts. Thanks to YOU we exceeded our goal! We will now receive an additional $22,000 in support of our students and families.

241 Gifts


Karl and Michelle Kellner
Cynthia and Walter Kasievich, Jr.
Norman MacArthur and William Novak
Robert Crozer and Beverley Rhinesmith-Pape
The Rev. Paul and Lindsay Barrett-Adler
Lionel and Christine Broome
Peter and Kay Dugery, Mary Dugery
Rob and Nancy Hearne
Candace Margolin and Jim Moore
David and Mary Ann McDonough, Cathy Bertanzetti
George and Carole Scheffey
Rev. Kyle Babin and Robert McCormick
Keiron and Deborah Lynch
Daniel O’Donnell and Vincent Schott
Bill and Kristine Wood
James and Elaine Ballengee
Curt and Deena Ball
Walter and Tracy Kasievich, III
Josephine R. Smith
Peggy Maltz and Linda McConnell
Andrew McMaster and Beth Dzwil
Ronald and Barbara Robinson
Anne Barnett and Sandra Roberts Hudson
Albert Rohr and Kathleen Denis
Lisa Brown and Jeremy Nearhoof
Carlo Muia and Richard Schmidt
Matthew and Katherine Asano
Darryl J. Ford and Gail Sullivan-Ford
Al and Jamin Cassidy
Andrew McMaster and Beth Dzwil
C. Michael Budlong and Susan Cole
Catherine Sanborn and Amy Boney
Craig and Dana Toedtman and Pamela Serra
Dale Ayton and Donna Haines
David and Vince Kasievich
Dr. Audrey Evans and Angie McCole
Greg Louis and Margaret Georgianna Hicks
Harold and Emily Starr
James and Paige Infortuna, Priscilla Purse and Jane Parker
Jim and Lori Goldfinger
Kailyn & Kylie Kasievich
Katherine and Russ Sullivan
Maire Reavy and Beth Ashendof
Manuel and Aurora Lopez and Kim Stillwell,
George Lopez, John Alvino, Susan Leinberger
Mary M. Cloues and Mary Elizabeth Cloues
Paul Patent and Beverley Rhinesmith-Pape
Roshonda Jones and Sadie Durham
Sandra McLean and Elizabeth McLean, Lisa McLean
Seren and Jonathan Schug
Shannon Lopez and Anne Matthews, Charlotte Anderson,
Will Lopez, Christine Riviello, Lisa Bourne, and Melody Pentz
Susan Petrocelli and Peter and Sally Hillyer
Suzanne Matlock and Deena Ball
Todd and Tina Whitlow and Carissa Mazurick, Karen Belli
Usha and Fred Stevens and Elaine Jenkins-Wacey
William H. Wood, lll and Christine Wood
Winnie Anderson and Eric Lien

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