Tone & Tenor Talk Radio Show and Freedom Voices Youth Perspective: Politics & Issues provided an opportunity for 8th grader Mackenzie to interview Ms. Katrina Adams, Chairman & CEO and President of USTA (United States Tennis Association). In this role, she also serves as Chairman of the US Open. This is a position she assumed in January 2015.

Adams is the first African-American, first former professional tennis player and youngest person to serve as President in the organization’s 135-year history. She is also the first individual to serve a second two-year term as Chairman of the Board and President.

Mackenzie recently had the opportunity to meet Ms. Adams at a benefit event in Wilmington, DE. According to Mackenzie, “I will cherish this moment for life.”

Tell us about your interview with Ms. Katrina Adams.

It was a little intimidating at first interviewing a famous athlete, but then we started going back and forth like a conversation and it felt very comfortable. She also has an amazing sense of style.

What did you learn about Ms. Adams and her life experiences?

Ms. Adams was the only girl in her family and was called a tomboy growing up. She grew up feeling encouraged and supported and called her parents her role models.

What did you learn from Ms. Adams that you can apply to your life.

That you should step out of your comfort zone. She was the first to do this in tennis. And I practiced that while interviewing her that day on Freedom Voices.

What else would you like to share about your experiences with Ms. Adams?

I asked her to come to St. James School and visit, hoping she can see our school and help us grow.

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