Chef Deborah Anthony with student Table Captains

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In underresourced communities like Allegheny West, it is difficult for families to find and afford healthy food. Fast food and junk food is cheaper and available at every turn.

  • Nutritious food costs 10 times more than junk food
  • Families are buying cheaper, less nutritious food or cutting meals entirely
  • 70% of children in North Philadelphia are overweight or obese
  • Poverty is one of the leading causes of Type-II diabetes

Our kitchen provides:

  • Fresher/healthier meals for students
  • A space for food education (cooking and healthy eating)
  • Food Resource Center: distributing food and meals to student homes in need
  • A valuable resource for the entire community

After months of construction and preparation, the new Di Bruno Brothers Neighborhood Kitchen at St. James School began serving freshly prepared and cooked food in November 2014 thanks to the support of Di Bruno Bros., the Vetri Community Partnership and many gracious donors.


Experience the Di Bruno Bros. Neighborhood Kitchen? Join us for lunch now!

DSC_1150-webChef Anthony collaborates with the Vetri Community Partnership to plan a tasty, exciting, healthy menu for lunch, including flavorful favorites like jerk chicken, roasted turkey, fish tacos, and delicious sides. The renovated space also allow for adults and students eat together at round tables to better foster community during the family-style meals. And the school is now officially using the Eatiquette program from Vetri Community Partnership, which seeks to build community at meal times and teach students about healthy eating.

Fundraising to Renovation

In January 2014, St. James School and Di Bruno Bros. teamed up to confront the health challenges facing families in underresourced urban neighborhoods. For many families, the only affordable food options are salty, fatty, or processed food with little nutritional value. The old St. James School kitchen was small, outdated, and could only warm food, limiting the school’s ability to provide fresh healthy meals to students. And with most students having four meals a day at St. James School, the goal was to do a better job feeding and educating students.

Before & After Photos

Video: Di Bruno Bros. Steps Up in 2014

Beginning the Efforts to Renovate the Old Space

When Danny and Joe Di Bruno – the original owners of our proud partner Di Bruno Bros. of Philadelphia —  opened a small corner store in the Italian Market in 1939, they offered a lot more than groceries. They offered a place for the neighborhood to gather together and celebrate food, family and friendship. Now at 75 years, a lot has changed — with five locations in the greater Philadelphia area, products shipping across the country, full-service catering with grand scale events, and even more ambitious plans for the future. However, one thing has remained and will always remain the same. We’re all about celebrating great food with great people