The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

BBQ with Rev. Frank Allen 2021

Winning Bid: $1,500.00

Reverend Allen will serve up his famous BBQ for up to 20 people with all of the fixins’ – ribs, pulled pork, brisket, smoked chicken, and sausage complimented by beans, slaw and fruit cobbler. Beverages provided by you. Reverend Allen will bring the BBQ to you on any day that is mutually convenient (no Sundays).

Offer expires June of 2022. FMV: $2,000.00

User Bid Amount Server Date & Time
j....s$1,500.00Jun 04, 2021 10:27:41
j....n$1,250.00Jun 03, 2021 18:42:13
k....i$1,150.00Jun 03, 2021 08:41:07
j....s$1,000.00May 27, 2021 08:16:38