The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia


On Saturday, October 25, students from the lower and upper classes participated in the second St. James School play. Produced by Missoula Children’s Theatre, rehearsals began Monday with auditions and students had just five days to learn their lines and get into costume. The fall presentation was a musical version of the classic Rapunzel, the story of the girl trapped in her tower. Over 30 St. James School students from grades 5-8 participated, as well as students from Logan Hope School. The final play was performed at St. Luke’s Church in Germantown, with showings at 3:00 and 5:30, with each showing at standing room by curtain call.

Big shout out to St. James teacher Ms. Annie Lerew for all her hard work during a busy school week.

Special thanks to Brian and Allison Epperson from Missoula Children’s Theatre as they joined us for the entire week before heading off to their next city. The Missoula Children’s Theatre is the nation’s largest touring children’s theatre, visiting nearly 1,200 communities a year from Montana to Japan. An MCT tour team arrived at St. James School one week before the performance date with set, lights, costumes, props and makeup — everything it takes to put on a play. All they needed was the cast.