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Our Commencement on Fri July 17 was streamed live and you can watch it here along with the Baccalaureate Mass.

On September 11, 2011 St. James School opened the doors to our founding class. This July, we graduate this first class to high school and beyond.

Watch the video and discover some of the stories that have made the past four years a worthwhile journey for us all. For St. James School’s first class of students, the journey to high school has not been easy. Before enrolling here, students attended overcrowded neighborhood schools where bullying and fighting were frequent, and where art, music, and rigorous academics were scarce. After four years of extensive preparation, our graduating students have received over 80 acceptances and thousands in scholarships dollars to some of the region’s best high schools.

Our students’ stories would not be possible without the support of people like you–our volunteers, donors, neighbors, family, church partners, teachers and more. You are changing the odds for our students. With your help, St. James School is able to provide a premiere independent school education to students most in need. The connections that are made at St. James School will last a lifetime for our students and their families. We have arrived at the moment when our founding class is prepared to take on the next big step in their lives–high school. Since we opened our doors in September 2011, our reach has expanded to 60+ students and over 250 family members in our neighborhood, and we will continue this service through your continuing commitment and partnership.

We thank you and ask you to keep our students, their families, our staff, faculty and board members in your prayers and thoughts as we move into the next important chapter–going to high school and beyond.

Dr. Audrey Evans’ 90th Birthday Celebration

Read about the event here and see photos now


Feature: A Woman Who Cares

The One About the Bunny

AudreyEzekiel_0058Join us in honoring our visionary St. James School Co-founder Dr. Audrey Evans.

She was born in England, began a long career in pioneering cancer research at Boston Children’s Hospital, came to Philadelphia on invitation of C. Everett Koop (former US Surgeon General), changed the future of neuroblastoma at CHOP, opened the first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia (over 300 worldwide today), an accomplished equestrian and avid traveler. Now she is committed to seeing that a life-changing education is available for those most in need.


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