The 2nd annual feast day of St. James the Less — the patron saint of St. James School and the Church of St. James the Less — was celebrated in grand style. The feast day was attended by staff, students, family members and supporters.

Special guests ring the bells for our feast day to begin

The day began with an 11am solemn procession from the school house to the Church of St. James the Less. Students processed with icons of St. James, flags, and drums, all in celebration of our patron saint. The church bells were pealed by Joanne Townsend, Joyce Rehorst, Mel Bonder, and Thomas H. Lewis, Jr – all contributors to our Sponsor the Students Program.

The service was officiated by The Rev. Erika Takacs, Associate Rector of Saint Mark’s Church (Locust Street) and a truly engaging sermon was delivered by Ms. Laura Dimer, School Principal. Ms. Dimery challenged the students to embrace the many ways that we are related to one another and accept the many signs of love that surround us. Principal Dimery pointed out that our family lineage is not clear for many of us and so is true for our saintly ancestors. Ms. Dimery encouraged the congregation to prepare for the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday by honoring and giving gratitude for the many people in our lives who provide a motherly presence.

After Mass, the school hosted a festive lunch which was provided by the generosity of friends and family members. Students provided extraordinary hospitality to our guests and in return, guests felt welcomed and excited about the mission of St. James School.

After lunch, the students broke into groups and canvassed the neighborhood for litter and volunteered at SHARE, a food distribution center which provides food for families most in need of food.Service has become an important characteristic of what embodies a St. James School.

Students are proud to be a part of the legacy of St. James the Less, their patron saint and are also proud of their own efforts to blaze new trails and leave their own legacy in our world.

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