Kevin and Sarah

By Sarah Carroll, Director of School Culture & ELA Teacher, and Kevin Todd, Director of Graduate Support, who were married by the Rev. Andrew Kellner at the Church of St. James the Less on January 25.


We first met on Sarah’s demo lesson day. After she was officially hired, we were teamed for teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies for about 11 hours a day together. In May of that first year we decided maybe all of our students were right, we should go on a date. And the rest is history.


St. James School means the world to us. Its mission has become our lifes’ work. So getting married at the Church of St. James the Less by Father Kellner was the easiest decision ever. The church is the most beautiful and magical church ever, with an intimate and vibrant feeling we wanted to share with our closest friends and families. Also, it holds so many special memories of the last 9 years of our lives.


A Few of Our Favorite Memories

We decided to not formally tell the students that we were in a relationship until we got engaged. In true middle school style, the students asked us about our relationship status nearly every day for 6 years. After Kevin proposed, I told them, “Well students, I wanted to let you know that I have a boyfriend (Oooooh), and this weekend my boyfriend asked me to be his wife (Oh my goodness!!!) and his nameā€¦ is Mr. Todd (Screaming and crying! Yelling “I knew it!!”)”


In our first years at St. James, while we taught the 5th grade about the Revolutionary War, we very formally split the cohort into Loyalists and Patriots to make the content more engaging and interactive. It got really competitive! Kevin would be King George III and I would be George Washington. We would run around campus with the 5th graders yelling, “Long Live King George” or “Give me liberty or give me death!”


Finally, we cannot forget the day that our proud House Benevolentia won the House Cup. We were decked out in blue and ready to remind everyone to have good sportsmanship, and then ran around like crazy lifting up the trophy after when our victory was announced.
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