The Episcopal School in North Philadelphia

For a second year, 8th grade students from St. David’s Church began their year of preparation for their confirmation by spending a day of service at St. James School.

The day began with the celebration of the Eucharist at the Church of St. James the Less. The Rev. Matt Holcombe, Associate Rector of St. David’s, presided alongside The Rev. Marie Swayze, St. James School Chaplain.

Fr. Holcombe challenged the students to be open and flexible, and to take full advantage of learning about themselves and what it means to live the life of a Christian in our world.

Students received an in depth orientation about the mission of St. James School and also learned about the educational challenges which face the urban poor. After lunch, students, parents and adult mentors tackled a number of service projects on and off of the school property. Students cleaned the RAH (Ridge Allegheny Hunting Park) Neighborhood of street trash, cleared brush from the backyard, and prepared a large field of dirt for the planting of grass seed. The highlight of the service day was seeing the future playing field completely covered with grass seed and hay. Students from St. David’s had the opportunity to interact with one of our 6th grade students and ended the day with a great sense of accomplishment for creating a new playing field for the students of St. James School.

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